RESIDENTS PRESENTATION: On artistic participation, community and re-enactment. Joint presentation of Kinga Lendeczki and Flóra Gadó.

Kinga Lendeczki and Flóra Gadó will present their research topics as well as a short lecture about the Studio of Young Artists’ Association in the framework of a public presentation at Nova Cvernovka.

First, Kinga Lendeczki will talk about her research on participatory-based socially engaged art projects in Eastern Europe, especially in the Republic of Moldova with a focus on how are these practices embedded in the local art scene and system of institutions. During her residency in Nova Cvernovka in July, she is planning to deepen her research on similar practices and their position in the Slovak art scene.

Then, as a project coordinator currently at the Studio of Young Artists’ Association, she will describe the current situation of the SYAA within the Hungarian cultural-political context.

Flóra Gadó, a board member of the SYAA since 2015 and vice-president since 2016 will continue talking about how the Studio runs currently as well its structural difficulties and alternative solutions for the future. Presenting some Hungarian artists who are closely related to the SYAA and started their career from there, Flóra will move on to introduce her PhD research topic which deals with how artists reflect on the past in Central-Eastern Europe and what kind of strategies (eg. re-enactment) they use. During her residency in Nova Cvernovka in April she focused on the Slovak and Czech art scene in relation to her research and will present the results.

Presentations will be held in English.

Free entry.